Tue. May 30th, 2023

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure that all employees working with you are highly qualified and have the same goals, motivation, and aspirations as your business. Hiring the best people is not the easiest to achieve especially since everyone will be on their best foot forward during the recruitment process. 

If employers are having a hard time choosing the best applicant to hire, considering cognitive and mental skills using the iq test is highly recommended. You might be asking, why do you need to assess your applicant’s cognitive and mental skills, here are a few things that can make you decide that it is:

  • To know their capability in terms of analysis and decision making

There is no better way to assess their capability in terms of decision-making and analysis than by letting them take an IQ exam. Sure, it is not as accurate as hands-on decision-making and analysis of real problems, but a good way to start and assess their capabilities in these aspects even before joining the organization. 

The higher their score, the higher the chance they can analyze issues even how complicated they may be. Hiring someone without testing their capability to analyze and decide properly might be a huge issue for your business in the future. 

  • To test their patience and focus

IQ exams can be long and sometimes very dragging, with this, this examination can somehow test the patience and focus of the applicant. Are they still answering properly despite the length of the examination or are they guessing just to speed up the exam? 

Testing their patience is not the primary reason why you are asking applicants to get an iq examination but if patience and focus can be also be assessed, why not, right?

  • To build the applicant’s trust

You are sending the applicant a good impression if you ask him or her to take an iq examination before the interview. Through this, they would know that applicants are seriously being assessed, hence only qualified applicants can be part of the organization. 

Through the thorough assessment of applicants, people can confidently claim that your company only hires the best of the best and that you are willing to invest time and effort to make sure that everyone in your company is highly qualified to provide excellent service to your customers. 

  • To know if they are qualified

This test can be used to assess if the applicant is competent and qualified to fill in the vacancy in your office. But of course, this should not only be your sole source of information as the applicant needs to go through interviews and other assessments.

But needless to say, this test alone can provide you with a good leverage in terms of assessing the applicant’s qualifications. 

Now that you know how this test can help, why won’t you consider this if in the first place you know that this can help you in assessing your employees? 

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