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Hey, have you ever tried magic mushroom chocolates, magic mushrooms or mushroom chocolate? They are a popular way of getting high. These chocolates contain psilocybin which is modified to psilocin after ingestion.

Magic mushroom chocolates are similar to other candy bars. However, the major difference is they contain different psychotropic contents of mushrooms. Consequently, they are becoming popular day by day.

How strong are magic mushroom chocolates?

Magic mushroom chocolates deliver a stronger trip. They can alter your perception in numerous ways. The euphoric trip can start between 20-30 minutes after ingestion and lasts for 6 hours approximately.

According to a majority of fans of magic mushroom chocolates, the perfect way to enjoy the effects of mushroom chocolate is micro-dosing. It refers to taking drugs in minimum quantity. Clinical studies also found that micro-dosing provides peace of mind and physical, emotional and cognitive benefits.

Side effects of magic mushroom chocolates

Unlike others, the magic mushroom is the strongest drug. Some of the side effects of magic mushroom chocolate are nausea, vomiting, increased heart rate, dry mouth, numbness, anxiety, unpredictable hallucination, muscle spasms, elevated blood pressure etc.

Magic mushroom chocolates seem sweet and harmless. However, if taken in large quantity or without discussing with your doctor then you have to face any of the side effects mentioned above.

Contrary to side effects, magic mushroom chocolate also has numerous effects. They are variableaffected by numerous factors. For instance, how they are prepared, in what amount they are ingested, your height, bodyweight etc.

Working of magic mushroom chocolates

Magic mushroom chocolates make you see, hear and feel unreal sensations. They have a wide history of association with self-discovery and spiritual experiences. Using the product for a long time can lead to addiction or different physical and mental side effects.

From where I can purchase magic mushroom chocolate?

The product can be purchased from any online or offline weed store if its consumption is legal in your state. However, online stores can offer you a lot more than offline dispensaries. One of the best online stores for purchasing magic mushroom chocolates is Mom Canada. There you can make a selection from a variety of products available at affordable prices.

The top 3 merits that make this dispensary unique are as follows-

1. Comfort

You can buy your product from your home. The only thing required is a strong internet connection and any portable device like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC etc.

2. Support staff

This trusted store has a team of experienced professionals. They are eager to serve their customers 24*7. In case of any queries, feel free to contact them through different channels.

3. Security and safety

Legit and trusted sites ensure that your data will not be shared with any third party.


Like other drugs, magic mushroom chocolates also have their effects and side effects. For avoiding the negative outcomes of your drug, purchase it only if suggested by your doctor.

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