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RuneScape has a different fan base, and even after the launch of new and ‘better’ version of the game, many people are still interested in playing the older one. There are several reasons why people are still interested in playing the old school RuneScape, and in this article, we will explore the reasons why old school runescape is considered a better option by many. The time when this game was launched, gaming industry was developing, and people had quite a limited option in this regard, and this game provided them a fantastic opportunity to gain experience skills and earn cash. This is one of the biggest reasons why even after passing so many years, people still download this game, install it, and play with other people from around the globe. Furthermore, the market for runescape gold is still available and there are many ways through which you can buy this gold from inside the game, or by locking the deal outside the game.

If we say that old school runescape is better in all ways, this would definitely be not the true story. Runescape 3 is also a promising game and people are shifting to it. There are certain reasons why people have shifted to this new variant, for instance they are inclined to good graphics, and better rewards in the game. Further, the PVM in game is also exciting. If you are no more interested in PVP and want to explore fighting with monsters to a whole new level, you can think about upgrading to the newer version.

Reasons why old school is still played

Following are the main reasons why old school RuneScape is still loved by most people and is being played by many in PVP environment.

  • Simple combat – This is true that the graphics were low, but combat was also simple. People who enjoyed playing simpler combat and are no more interested in getting into the complexity of fighting find the old school game a better place for entertainment. Some people prefer to find hard modes and tricky situations in the game, while others want to keep it simple and easier for their leisure time.
  • PC version was easier to run – In past, games were easier to run on PC and were easily available too. Now with the availability of many consoles, game developers are keen to create games for those consoles now. If you are interested in playing with more people, you should go for the old school, as that game does not need a gaming laptop or PC to be installed. As a result, you will be able to find more people in the game.
  • Larger community – There are two main reasons why there is a larger community on old school runescape. First, as mentioned before, this game is easier to install and more people are able to play this game without any need to have a high-tech machine, and second is obvious the game is older than the later version and more people feel comfortable with that variant.

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