Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

Washington has finally legalized cannabis use for individuals 21 years old and above. Since the topic on marijuana is still less talked about in some areas of the world, this move is a huge step for the capital. As an influential powerhouse in the word, the United States attracts many eyes with whatever it does.

Like in most countries, this move of Washington D.C. has stirred in many discussions locally and internationally. Within the state, citizens have expressed varying reactions towards the passing of Initiative 71 or the legalization of marijuana. After years of its implementation, there are still things that people should understand about this change.  

What You Need to Know About Initiative 71

Initiative 71 or I71 is a voter initiative that aimed to legalize recreational marijuana in Washington D.C. This was passed in 2004 and up until now is being implemented in Washington D.C. It encompasses certain rules and regulations regarding the use of marijuana in Washington.

Things to Know About Recreational Weed in DC

Marijuana consumption for recreation is slowly gaining more light but at present here are some of the things to know about DC WEED consumption under Initiative 71:

Marijuana is allowed for individuals from 21 years of age and older

Initiative 71 has allowed adult individuals aged 21 years and older to use, plant and carry marijuana. 

Selling of Marijuana is prohibited

Individuals or businesses are not allowed to involve marijuana in any business transaction except for gifting. It is not allowed to sell marijuana. They are also not allowed to trade marijuana for other products. Instead it is done by selling another product or service and giving marijuana as a free gift along with it.

Growing of marijuana plants for personal use

Adult individuals are allowed up to 6 plants only 3 of which can be mature at a time. Individuals are allowed to plant up to 6 marjuana plants in their own yard. While 6 plants are allowed, they should not mature all at the same time instead only up to 3 mature plants are allowed. This is to control the amount of owned usable marijuana per individual. This means that mass farming and production of marijuana is not allowed under initiative 71.

Using in public is prohibited

Adult individuals aged 21 years and older can possess up to 2 ounces of marijuana. Possession and cultivation of marijuana is allowed in personal homes but not in public places. Hence, smoking marijuana in public is highly prohibited. Violation of this rule will fine an individual.

While Initiative 71 has opened a door for normalizing the use of marijuana, it has its limits. With the limitations in its production and distribution, many citizens are clamoring to revise the rule and allow more ways for marijuana to be consumed legally in Washington D.C. If it becomes more open to the use of marijuana, dispensaries might be considered a good way to regulate its distribution among the individuals who are using marjuana.

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