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Cleaning is vital in anything that we wear. May it be it in our shirts, shorts and underwear, we should always assure ourselves that we are using clean clothes. Bacteria may build up to things that are not properly washed and cleaned well and no one wants that. There are different kinds of cleaning when it comes to our clothes. Just like what other people do, separating the colored shirts from the white ones to avoid mixing the color. There is a proper way of cleaning anything. When it comes to our underwear, we need to make sure that we are cleaning it well. The way of cleaning undies are quite different from our shirts. For those who don’t know, the undies have a direct contact of the sensitive parts of our body which means that if the process of cleaning is not done well, an infection could possibly occur.

If you are a woman who is fond of wearing period underwear during your menstrual period, you need to know about the proper way of washing it. For the information of everyone, the aforementioned undies can be reused and is affordable as well. The menstrual blood contains bacteria from the internal of our body so there is a need to eradicate all of them so that by the time that you will use it again, you will feel comfortable of the cleanliness that it gives. In this article, we will be tackling about how to properly clean your period underwear.

The Proper Way of Cleaning Your Undies

  • When the undergarment is already full of menstrual blood, you need to change for another one already. This is one way of being hygienic. After you use it, you need to handwash or machine wash it right away. This is to avoid the build-up of too much bacteria. If you store the unwashed undergarment for a long time, more bacteria will be present so in order to avoid that, you need to wash it immediately.
  • Use lukewarm underwear. Lukewarm water is better because it is known to wash away more germs and at the same time killing them so that they will not transfer to anything that can also harm others. Germs can become billions in number if cleanliness is not observed all the time.
  • Let it dry under the sun. As mentioned earlier, the heat has the potential to kill more germs. If you let your undergarments dry under the sun the germs and bacteria can potentially be eradicated.

Menstruation period is one of the most crucial phases in a woman’s life. Therefore, it is important for women to use something clean especially when it will have direct contact to the feminine area. The suggestions above will greatly help and guide you when you will wash your own undergarments. Remember to observe it all the time. Cleaning and washing only takes minutes so it will not hurt if you do it right away. The secret to comfort and health is to maintain the cleanliness.

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