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If you are working in human resources, you would already know how important it is to streamline the process of onboarding remote employees. The main goal of onboarding is to acclimatize new employees to their roles and help them understand the company’s core values. When you choose to hire virtual staff, it is important to pick the right remote onboarding tools so your new recruits are comfortably engaged. With the help of onboarding automation tools, you can ensure that the process is seamless from start to end.

Those who wish to hire an employee from India must note that 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years when they experience great onboarding. A lot of employees leave a company when this experience is compromised at any level. If you are still resorting to traditional means to onboard employees, consider opting for remote onboarding tools to modernize your hiring process.

The Intricacies of Remote Employee Onboarding

Efficient onboarding is important for your business’ success. It enables remote hires to get the information, training and support they need to succeed in your company. Remote employees must grow familiar with this process so they can adjust to the company’s culture and fit in with your existing team.

You are likely to attract top talent when hiring virtual employees because you are not restricted by geographical boundaries. It is also an excellent alternative for your company to save money as you won’t have to bear expenses for costly onsite programs. But the remote onboarding experience also comes with its challenges. When this process does not take place smoothly, whether remote or onsite, it can lead to low employee productivity, poor employee turnover and reduced job satisfaction.

If you are recruiting virtual staff from India, we have listed the ten best tools that will ease the process of remote employee onboarding.

1. airSlate

airSlate is an all-in-one, no-code document workflow automation solution for businesses of all sizes. It helps human resource departments in different industries quicken their employee onboarding process with a range of HR templates. You don’t require any knowledge of coding to use airSlate or set up your integrations and automation. Its key feature are the thousands of pre-built workflow templates and no-code bots that can be used for a wide range of use cases. HR departments are free to automate their most-preferred workflows – from absence leave requests to employee onboarding, in minutes.

2. ProProfs

This software company makes online tools for a wide range of needs including education, employee training and customer satisfaction. ProProfs’ aim is to provide you with the necessary tools and training so your employees can function smartly and you can monitor their progress. With the help of ProProfs, you can create learning resources, customize courses and build a learner community. Some of the tools on their website include knowledge base, training maker, quiz maker, project tracker and Q&A forum.

3. Slack

Slack functions as the digital headquarters for your entire company to connect. You can create channels connecting different departments, whether that is sales, new remote hires or special projects. This tool is almost an essential for remote staff as it allows you to chat with one another, host virtual meetings and share audio/video. It has earned a reputation for offering a virtual network to global employees and making everyone feel part of a community.

4. Avoma

This is one of the best conversation intelligence platforms available as Avoma positions itself as a meeting life-cycle assistant that can significantly improve your remote onboarding process. This AI-powered tool could help you through the different phases of your meeting. For instance, you could use Avoma before the meeting to prepare agenda templates and decrease no-shows with the help of reminders, during the meeting to take notes and collaborate with peers and after the meeting for its conversation-intelligence and revenue-intelligence features. Use this versatile tool to onboard new members faster, collaborate with different teams and share comments/snippets/feedback with each other.

5. allows you to customize your workflow any way you like. It has a few HR use cases that can help you track talent and engage with employees. Streamline the onboarding experience, interact with top talent, manage employee development and give your new hires a chance to learn and develop their skills with this tool.

6. Flair

Automate your HR team with Flair as this platform is highly adaptable and can cater to all your company’s needs. You can track all your employees with this one tool and its internal database. Enter data about employee salaries, workloads and schedules. With the HR dashboard, you will be able to access necessary features to onboard new hires, plan shifts, manage documents, track time and export payroll.

7. WorkBright

These HR tools are appropriate for small and medium-sized businesses. can be a time-consuming process. If you want your new recruits to prove their loyalty to your company, you need to speed up the onboarding process. Work Bright’s unique feature is that is collects and verifies human resource documents.

8. Assembly

With Assembly, you can create automated processes for any HR task and provide an interface that is seamless and customizable. Use this tool to generate new hire surveys and get an insight into how your fresh recruits think or feel about your company’s onboarding process.

9. Zoom

As a seamless video conferencing software, Zoom allows you to take work with you wherever you go. Arrange formal meetings with high quality audio and video, host webinars with unique features, create viral events, chat with employees and collaborate beyond meetings to make the most of Zoom.

10. DottedSign

Like every other business, you too must have many documents that need to be managed and signed. DottedSign is a fantastic tool that offers intelligent eSignature solutions. This is one of the most popular alternatives to DocuSign that comes with a whole list of advantages. With the help of this tool, you can sign documents anywhere and on any device, multitask by organizing every chore in one place as well as track the individual progress of each signer.

Wrapping Up

With many companies going fully remote or adopting a hybrid model, there is a growing demand for intuitive tools that can aid companies in attracting, onboarding, engaging and boosting the morale of their virtual staff in India. As a result, you can now pick from a number of software companies that provide world-class platforms and top-ranking resources to HR teams everywhere. Such software are bound to improve as time goes by so do keep an eye for new and exciting tools that are emerging in the market.

The tools listed above will surely help you in effectively onboarding remote employees in India. If you wish to attract top talent, use perceptive communication tools, speed up onboarding and increase employee satisfaction, you must seriously consider integrating HR technology into your processes.

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