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When it comes to keeping a cat occupied, squeaky toys and metal balls aren’t always enough. Clawing, pouncing, and hiding are instinctive activities that they enjoy. They can’t seem to stop themselves from burying their claws into anything or leaping from one shelf to the next, leaving a trail of damage behind them.

Cat towers, sometimes known as cat trees, were built for a variety of purposes. On the other hand, having a piece of feline furniture in your house also gives your pet a safe place to sleep or hide from the world. There is a broad list of reasons why cats feel compelled to work their claws.

Scratching is not only a means for them to stay sharp and ready for war, but it is also a way for them to mark their territory. When they claw a thing vigorously, they leave a fragrance behind. Your kitten will have a spot to scratch to his heart’s content if you give him a cat tower to call his own.

The majority of the towers feature scratching sections that are frequently covered with sisal rope. Cats find the rope’s natural texture far more appealing, and they frequently can’t resist digging in. Once cats have a suitable scratching post, there’s a strong chance they won’t utilize your beloved sofa to carry out that innate habit.

There are moments when certain cats, no matter how brave they appear, want to run away and hide. A cat tower with a cubby is an excellent alternative hiding place to discover them in your clean clothes drawer. In addition, most cats sleep between 13 and 16 hours every day, and many of them prefer to recline on the tallest perch out of harm’s way.

Cat Towers Are A Necessity

Cat towers are sometimes large and clunky, and they stand out like a sore thumb, but they are also designed to keep your feline companions healthy and happy. They provide a place for your cat to paw, climb, and sleep all on the same piece of furniture. You can get one to match practically any kind of house or space with today’s styles.

Indoor cats have both good and bad luck. They are fortunate in that they have a roof over their heads, food, water, and, in most cases, affection. The ability to run and climb, on the other hand, comes with the limitation of being able to run and climb. In this case, the use of a cat tower comes into play.

You may locate cat towers for one cat apartment or five cat mansions with the wide range of alternatives offered. There are a few things to think about before purchasing any form of furniture. The size is the first item to consider. Look for cat towers that are five feet tall or larger if you have more than one cat and the room.

The quality of the cat towers is the second item to think about. The foundation should be large enough or weighted enough to prevent your tower from collapsing through your front window if a ten-pound cat climbs on it. It’s also crucial to have the right supplies. Ensure that your kitties have scratching opportunities. Carpetedand wood cat towers are frequently your best options.

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