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Skirting boards are an essential element in the interior decor of your home, enhancing the visual appeal while protecting the walls from wear and tear. Are you bored of the standard skirting boards common in most houses? Do you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your home? Look no further, as the UK offers some of the most creatively designed skirting boards, perfect for elevating your home’s decor. In this article, we bring you the best uniquely crafted skirting boards in the UK that will add character and style to your home.

1. MDF Skirting Boards

MDF skirting boards are popular in UK homes, as both builders and homeowners appreciate their affordability and ease of installation. MDF skirting boards can also be customised to suit your home decor needs and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The skirting boards are milled with a smooth finish, coated with a white primer, ready for painting, staining or varnishing. MDF skirting boards are an excellent choice if you want to add a modern yet sleek look to your home.

2. Oak Skirting Boards

Oak skirting boards are becoming increasingly popular in UK homes, thanks to their unique aesthetic appeal. Oak offers excellent durability, withstanding wear and tear for an extended period while maintaining its warm, natural look. Oak skirting boards come in a variety of designs, from simple chamfered edges to ornate, curved mouldings. Each skirting board is unique and can add character to your home decor. Oak skirting boards are perfect if you want to create a classic, elegant look in your home.

3. Coloured Skirting Boards

If you want to add a pop of colour to your home decor, coloured skirting boards are a unique option. You can choose skirting boards in a range of colours from deep, bold tones to lighter, pastel hues. The boards are pre-finished, ready to be installed to add an attractive visual contrast to your walls. Coloured skirting boards are an excellent choice if you want to add vibrancy and a lively touch to your home decor.

4. Bead and Butt Skirting Boards

Bead and butt skirting boards offer an excellent finish and give depth and texture to your home’s interior. The boards have deep grooves, ridges and a bead running along their length to add dimension and detail. These skirting boards can be painted to match your walls, creating subtle yet beautiful accents. Bead and butt skirting boards’ traditional look can add character and depth to your home, a perfect choice if you want a classic, sophisticated look.

5. Skirting Board Lighting

Have you considered adding lighting to your skirting boards? Skirting board lighting can be hidden behind your skirting boards to create a warm, inviting atmosphere in your home. These skirting boards come in various designs and colours, adding a subtle glow that will turn your space into a cosy haven. Skirting board lighting can add a modern touch to your home while being practical and visually stunning.


In summary, skirting boards go beyond their practical use and can add character and style to your home. The UK offers a broad range of uniquely crafted skirting boards that can elevate your home decor. Whether you prefer modern simplicity or classic elegance, you will find a skirting board that suits your style and budget. So don’t hesitate, invest in beautifully crafted skirting boards and transform your home’s interior!

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