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There is no harm when we trust some reliable locksmith for choosing the lock but it is also not bad if we have some brief knowledge about the different types of lock and how we can select out of them and what exactly is deadbolt is as it is commonly used in traditional as well as in smart locks 

Following are the main types of locks available in the market.

  • Knob Locks. Knob locks are the most familiar type of door lock unrestricted and the top security strategy for most doors.
  • Cam Locks. Cam locks consist of a fastener 
  • Deadbolt Locks
  • Padlocks.
  • Mortise Locks.
  • Keypad Locks
  • Smart Locks

In this topic, we will understand the Deadbolt locks and how they should be chosen appropriately.

When it comes to saving your business from rouge, having a secure deadbolt lock in place is important. Deadbolt locks are known as heavy-duty locks that give necessary extra security, besides the doorknob.

A proper deadbolt lock on every external door of your business or house gives you relaxation of mind. Without these locks, your business may be in close danger as another type of locking hardware is not so strong as deadbolts provide.

So, how one can choose a good deadbolt? Ome should not forget that there are a few extra types of deadbolt locks are available in the market. This means there are many factors to be considered when we choose the best deadbolt to protect your business or house or any other property.


Single and double cylinder locks are typically used for different conditions:

  • Double-cylinder locks work with a key on both sides 
  • Single-cylinder locks can be closed from the one side

Businesses usually double-cylinder are used deadbolt locks because they provide more security and safety. When a rouge or burglar attempts to break into a building through a window, the key lock on the inside of the door will make them fail and they will not enter inside the office.

But this was more of a concern in the past when windows weren’t as tough as they are today.

But a the same time suppose doors are locked from both sides Double-cylinder locks can be a risk in emergencies. To unlock them from the inside, you must have a key to unlock the door and whereas with single-cylinder locks, the door can immediately be opened and you can exit.

How to Select a Deadbolt for Your Business: Single or Double Cylinder

As security professionals, the locksmiths at Richmond Security recommend the following:

  • Use a single-cylinder deadbolt lock on doors with no windows.
  • Use a single-cylinder deadbolt lock on doors that have a window made of tough modern glass.
  • Use a double-cylinder lock on doors that have a window made of old, weaker glass.


Deadbolt locks arrive in three different types of grades and based on the level of grade one can decide the level of security. The most suitable grade of deadbolt lock is Grade 1 type.

The grades are assigned by some reputable organisation called the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

Slotenmaker Schoten will use all types of grade material and share everything fairly with the customer. 

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