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Deep cleaning is the method of removing a room from a hotel’s record and cleaning it to a higher quality than what is generally done during routine housekeeping maintenance. Depending on the hotel or building’s occupancy level, most bedrooms and offices are deep-cleaned between two and four times each year.

As concerns about the virus’s spread have escalated, more businesses are seeking cleanings like the one offered by DEEP CLEANING Florida to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Even closed companies and buildings will have them done as a precautionary measure to treat the working areas. Deep cleaners disinfect the area with a hospital-grade botanical disinfectant sprayed in a mist from a variety of equipment.

How Deep Cleaning Business Cleans The Building

The cleaners carry foggers that connect into the wall and had nozzles to target the spray, while the other assisting walked through the building’s halls and rooms wearing a battery-powered backpack that disseminated the disinfectant. According to them, the product is FDA-approved and doesn’t require manual drying, with the mist settling in on anything in the room and posing no risk to anybody who uses it.

They added that it is important to reach all of the high spots of the room you are cleaning, including smoke detectors and sprinklers, use a dust wand with a long handle. Light diffusers, air vent grates, and the tops of entertainment hutches, armoires, and door jams are all places where dust collects.

It’s okay to breathe in the stuff while it’s being sprayed down, it’ll just make people cough or sneeze. The cleaners don’t wear suits to protect themselves from the substance, but rather from anything else that could be in the room. A cleaner explained that when they walk around the floors, spraying every surface they come across, they seal doors behind them to ensure they understand they’ve previously been there.

When it comes to cleaning, things like smoke alarms and sprinklers are sometimes overlooked. Dust will build up in these locations if they are not cleaned. Allergens, germs, and odors accumulate with the collection of dust. Taking the time and effort to clear dust from high locations is critical.

It’s also important to clean all furniture surfaces, both inside and out. Look for stains and tears in the upholstery. As needed, repair or replace. An engineer will spot fix any guestroom goods such as wall coverings, painted surfaces, damaged or discolored wooden furniture, etc. while the room is being thoroughly cleaned by housekeeping employees.

If particular cleaning of high-touch locations is preferred, they will return with wipes with the same spray and wipe them down. If the building has three levels, cleaners said that cleaning will take roughly two hours. Foggers in larger buildings are simply let to sit and spray the mist into the air, enabling it to fall over all of the surfaces in the space.

However, once businesses close, DEEP CLEANING Florida said it would become a matter of whether some organizations will seek an urgent cleaning to ensure that the room is clean while no one is in it, or if they will wait until a week before reopening to have the group come in and disinfects the area.

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