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In India, people always felt a deep bond with the pieces of jewellery they owned from ancient times. And what’s interesting is that the roots of this love for their jewellery belong to not the prices of the metal but the priceless sentiments that establish a never-ending connection with that piece to a precious memory, the oldness, or a person who gave them that certain piece as a gift. 

In all those days, decades, and even centuries, the love of Indian people for jewellery hasn’t diminished by a small bit. Instead, it kept going stronger to a point where the Indian women set the world record for having the most gold and silver than the women of any other country. The trends of jewellery may always come and go, but the desire to own beautiful jewellery in Indian women and in some cultures, men, never goes out of the scene. Nowadays, men can easily be seen wearing and flaunting their gold or silver om bracelets. On the other hand, women also have their staple jewellery accessories to wear on a number of occasions i.e. Ganesha Kada. 

1) Clean Your Jewellery on a Regular Basis

In both the marketplaces, offline and online, a number of jewellery cleaning supplies like pastes, foams, and clothes are available to purchase. You can buy from a reputed brand as great brand items are very smooth on your jewellery and wouldn’t steal away their luster. To wash, you will need a bowl full of the cleaning mixture. You will need to dip your jewellery in the mixture for a few seconds followed by cleaning it gently with the given clothing. On the other hand, the foam solution requires a little scrubbing to clean off the jammed dust and other impurities. Make sure that you use a thin brusk so it can reach the little pores of your jewellery elegantly. 

2) Be Smart with Storing Your Jewellery

We have seen it from our childhood that our mother, aunts, and other older women in our house used to keep their jewellery pieces in closed containers. However, with time, fashion, and a busy schedule, many people just keep their jewellery in open boxes for easy access. As a result, the jewellery items catch dust and their shine just starts to fade away. So they lose their charm over time. Therefore, it’s extremely important to keep your jewellery in a closed container with a dry cloth. 

3) Keep Your Adornments Dry

Your jewellery keeps getting tarnished over time and it’s nothing to worry about. Tarnish is a layer of corrosion that a metal catches by contacting moisture, liquids, lotions, perfume, and even the sweat of the wearer’s hands. The tarnish is normally not harmful the jewellery, but it causes the outer polish of the ornament to rot on a gradual basis. Depending on the type of the metal, the thickness, and the quality of the plating, the amount of tarnish differs from jewellery to jewellery. However, the best way to keep your jewellery from tarnish is to keep them in a dry setting. 

4) Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Bucket

According to the experts, people often put gold, platinum, and silver jewellery together. But since different metals have different properties, they should be kept separated. This way, not only it will be very easy for you to pick the jewellery you wanted according to the occasion, but at the same time, it will also save them from getting tarnished. 

The beautiful jewellery pieces that have always driven you nuts demand just a little care in return to keep on their ravishing shine. As you have seen, there are multiple ways you can take care of your jewellery and by all means, you should try a few to see the amazing results yourself. No matter whether you are a man or a woman, keeping your jewellery safe and glinting is your responsibility. This trait tells your peers a lot about your personality. The tendency to take care of things is not so common and that’s why it is often appraised as a sense of care and responsibilities. With these tips in hand, we are sure that you will definitely get to enjoy your accessories for an extended amount of time. 

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