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You might be wondering why it matters if you get TEFL certified. The answer is simple: it will help you to find a job. TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language, which means that after getting TEFL certified, you may be able to teach abroad. 

If you are looking to teach in Asia or Europe, TEFL Certification is an excellent way to boost your credentials and can open up opportunities for teaching abroad. You can also use TEFL certified as a stepping stone for higher education institutions like colleges, universities, and TESL schools. Plus, having this certification on your résumé can help give you an advantage over other applicants because many schools now require it.

Why It Matters To Get TEFL certified

There are many benefits to getting TEFL certified. Some of the most notable is that it can open up opportunities for teaching abroad, boost your credentials, and provide you with a competitive edge when applying for jobs.

Getting TEFL certified is rewarding because it not only opens doors to teach abroad but also provides you with an advantage in the job market. There are many opportunities for teaching English around the world, so being able to teach English in different countries will not only allow you to experience new cultures but also make it easier on your wallet. The demand for English teachers is growing rapidly worldwide.

Lastly, having TEFL certification on your résumé will help give you an advantage over other applicants because many schools now require it. This is because they want their students to be prepared for real-life situations like working in international schools.

What TEFL Certificate Can Do For You

TEFL certificate is an internationally recognized qualification which means that it is accepted by different employers around the world. It has been developed to teach adults and children and can be completed in as little as six weeks, making it a convenient and flexible option for those looking to change their careers. 

Obtaining a TEFL certificate will allow you to teach English abroad, in countries including Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, and Australia. It can also open doors for higher education opportunities at colleges or universities or TESL schools. Additionally, TEFL Certification on your résumé can give you an edge over other applicants because many schools require it.

How To Get A TEFL Certificate

You can get a TEFL certificate through online or offline courses. There are hundreds of online courses available for you to choose from, so you won’t have trouble finding one that fits your schedule and learning style. Some schools offer TEFL certification as part of their regular course load (if you’re enrolled full-time) where it’s fully integrated into the curriculum. 

If you want to take an online certification course, these can usually be completed within six months depending on the difficulty level.

An offline course is another option if you prefer more hands-on instruction and interaction with other students and instructors. Offline courses typically run anywhere from two weeks to two months, but some programs can be completed in as little as four days! The length of time for an offline course varies depending on whether or not it includes a practicum component or a final examination.

Whatever decision you make about which type of TEFL certification program is best for you, just know that it will help open doors for opportunities in your future!

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