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The cost of hiring a virtual dentist can vary greatly depending on the factors below. The more complicated your dental needs, the higher your dentist’s rates will be. Here are few main factors to consider when looking at how much it costs to hire a virtual dentist:

1) Insurance coverage:

If you have dental insurance, a dentist will give you a more accurate estimate of your costs once they know what coverage you have. If the dentist’s office participates with your insurance company, then their fees may be lower than other dentists who do not take part in that particular plan. The Live Dentist Directory allows you to search for dentists in your area who accept your insurance plan.

2) Your location :

You can expect to pay more if you live in a major city like New York. But generally, the dentist’s rates will be higher within large cities as opposed to those who practice closer to rural areas with less demand for their services. Conversely, a dentist that is located close to your home or work may charge lower fees compared to one that doesn’t offer this convenience and accessibility.

3) Dentist experience level :

As a dentist gains more experience, their rates tend to increase. This is because they have better results with less pain and complications for patients. On the other hand, you can expect lower fees from new dentists who are still building up their clientele.

4) Dental specialty :

Specialty dentists such as cosmetic and implant dentists generally have higher rates than your general dentist. Their services are usually in high demand because they offer various procedures not generally included by traditional dental practices.

5) Comfort with technology and computer use :

Many new dentists are not comfortable with the use of technology yet. They may still rely on paper records, phone calls, or even faxing to communicate with patients. If you prefer a dentist who is more tech-savvy and can offer online communication like video chat, it will cost more than one that does not provide this type of service.

6) Home vs. office visit

A dentist’s office visit is more convenient for the patient, but it tends to be pricier than having one come to your home. Having a professional come directly to you can save money in terms of transportation and time off work

7) Frequency of appointments required by insurance companies or you as a patient

The more frequently you visit the dentist, the higher your costs will be. In many cases, an insurance company may require a patient to see their dentist monthly or bimonthly for cleanings and checkups. If that is not what you prefer, then it could cost less if they come every six months instead of each month.

8 ) Hourly rate for treatment time

Depending on the complexity of treatment, it may cost more if a dentist spends an hour or less treating you. If your procedure requires extra time to complete, then there will be additional charges for this service.


Many factors go into how much it costs to hire a virtual dentist. It is essential for you as the patient to be aware of what these fees will entail and get all of your questions answered before agreeing to treatmen

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