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By the passing decades, technology is developing more and more. Traditional for of casino was very popular because of its many features as you can earn money by playing games. You can stay in a casino on weekends to enjoy them, but it may start to defame but in limit due to some drawbacks. By seeing this, they introduce online casino at an online platform which becomes more prevalent in contrast to the offline casino because of features which are provided by online casino but not in an offline casino. There are many popular platforms for online casino like situs judi online,.

There are many benefits of playing online casino, like it is the most convenient source of entertainment, you can win limitless, provide you bonuses to play and practice the game. There are many types of bonuses that are provided by these websites to attract more and more users for playing the game.

There are many benefits of playing with a bonus like you don’t have to pay anything for starting your online casino journey, you can practice a lot with the use bonus, if you win in the game, then you can withdraw all the winning amount in your bank account without risking anything. There is a site which is only known for providing a high amount of bonus situs Judi qq. In this article, we will discuss the types of bonuses which are offered by the online casino website.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonus refers to the amount of bonus which is provided by the website at the time of registration. The amount of the welcome bonus is instantly credited to your account after the completion of the registration process. The amount of welcome bonus is small, but it is enough to practice the game for free and become a little bit experienced.

 The amount of welcome bonus is different on the different platform because it is fixed and shown on the interface of the website; it is constant for all the users. There is a platform, namely Judi online, is providing a high amount of welcome bonus you can check its details on the internet. There is no need to pay for availing the amount of the welcome bonus.

 Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus refers to the amount of reward which is provided by the website at that time when the user is making a deposit in his online gambling account. The amount of deposit bonus is more significant than the welcome bonus, and it is more suitable for practising the game to become a professional.

Some of the websites provide deposit bonus only on 1st transaction, and some sites offer a bonus on the rest too. The legal rate of deposit bonus is 100 to 200% which means that if you deposit $10 in your gambling account, then they will give you $20 or $30 as a reward which you can use to play the game for free. Judi online is the only platform that provides a high amount of deposit bonus.


Cashback refers to the amount of bonus that is provided on the website to all those users who had lost their all money in gambling and didn’t have enough money to play the game. These online gambling platforms provide 5 to 10% of the amount which the person has lost in the game.

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