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1. How established is the manufacturer?

When researching a label manufacturer, check to see how long they have been in business. A label manufacturer who is well established and been in business a long time clearly has an appropriate process in place to withstand the economic shifts throughout the years.

2. Who have they done business with?

Research who their previous/current clients are. Their clients should contain big name companies as well as local companies. The importances of local companies show that the manufacturer DOES NOT discriminate against any company large or small. A great label manufacturer will retain repeat business through a large and loyal client base.

3. Do they have samples?

A reputable manufacturer will have a selection of samples available upon request. You should request a mixture of samples in different shapes, sizes, colors and styles to see which design will fit best for your product(s).

4. Do they have the proper equipment?

Having the proper equipment is essential. A custom label printing manufacturer should have a variety of up-to-date printing presses for each particular printing job such as: flexographic, offset and digital. It helps for manufacturing custom printed clothing labels, hang tags for clothing, heat transfer clothing labels etc.

5. Is the product quality up to par?

The quality of the labels/stickers rests in the hands of the press operators and quality control managers. Press operators and quality control managers should be highly skilled, experienced and certified. Their knowledge and attention to details can create high quality printing jobs by fine-tuning the printing presses. The quality of the labels/stickers can be viewed and inspected from the samples.

6. Do they provide a variety of printing jobs?

Labels/stickers come in all shapes and sizes and colors. Commonly overlooked is the material that it’s printed on and the adhesive used for applications. Printing materials can range from paper, foil, film and cartons. How the labels/stickers will be applied and used will determine the type of adhesive used. Adhesives can vary from permanent, removable, dis-solvable, textile and all-temperature.

7. Are they consistent?

A great printing manufacturer will be consistent with every level of the daily operations. From the beginning stage, to the finish product and packaging and shipping. Every job should be filed and stored so there is no deviation on any re-orders from previous customers.

8. Are they reliable?

A reliable printing manufacturer will honor their quotes and due dates. Labels/stickers should be matched to specifications and delivered on time. A great printing manufacturer will be reliable and work with you through any circumstances.

9. Are they responsible?

A consistent and reliable printing manufacturer should be responsible for any mistakes made on a particular job. They should catch and correct any mistakes throughout the process of the job. They should also recognize any errors after the job was completed and take appropriate actions to resolve it.

10. Are they competitive?

A proven printing manufacturer should be highly competitive. Earning and retaining your business is far more important than price mark-up. They will provide the most cost-effective approach when quoting a job so both parties come out ahead.

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